The Manchester Anthology 2013

In London, a carer kneels beside her charge's rotting body. A tutor imagines his mistake in caps-lock headlines and the witch-hunter's sister returns to Manningtree. In Nigeria, a boy looks for pockets to pick, while in Manchester, an ambulance could be an ice-cream van. A princess becomes a Queen, her crown a wreath of glutted mosquitoes; cherry blossoms fall over the bloodied body of a teenage girl and Mary finds a sheep's skull in the cabinet, a second best cap. And in a dank bedsit in Dublin, a woman tastes garlic and absinthe on the lips of a chance lover. New voices bolster the University of Manchester's reputation for new writing in this diverse and enjoyable collection of stories, poems and novel extracts.

The Manchester Anthology is a collection of work from twenty-eight new writers residing in the Greater Manchester area. It includes a forward from Jeanette Winterson; new stories from acclaimed author Geoff Ryman; and an extract from HWA Debut Crown winner Beth Underdown. 

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Electric Reads Young Writers' Anthology 2015

"This Anthology is a wonderful example of what new writers can do given the opportunity - the pages crackle with fresh energy that should excite anyone who cares about British fiction."

                                                            - Matthew Selwyn, author of 'The Anatomy of Melancholy'

Comprising twenty-five pieces of original fiction,the Young Writers' Anthology showcases new voices in British fiction. Spanning genres from science fiction and fantasy to stark realism, the overtly literary to action-packed thrillers, this is a collection that encompases and celebrates the breadth of possibilities within fiction. Every piece is unique and introduces a fresh approach to story telling.

This is a rare opportunity to enjoy the innovation and verve of writers under the age of twenty-five and discover the hidden gems who are ready to burst onto Britain's literary scene.

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